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                  Many people always think that there is a strange smell at home after decoration. Wood, paint. Xiao Liu has just set up a new home. He says he can always feel a strange taste shop coming when he enters. Xiao Liu didn't trust her, and then called Ji. "Shuangshi environmental protection Co., Ltd., a professional formaldehyde removal company in South China, said that formaldehyde should exceed the standard at home. The peculiar smell in the house is very thick, so formaldehyde management directly goes home. Jinan encountered this situation, the customer is also very much, for the initial understanding of formaldehyde and a high degree of vigilance from the taste of psychology, mistakenly think that the smell of paint or wood is excessive formaldehyde, no taste of home said no formaldehyde. Professional formaldehyde removal experts pointed out that formaldehyde can not be judged by taste alone.
                  Jinan in addition to formaldehyde experts also explained that the smell of ventilation before decoration or after a few months is very normal. The more common smell is wood, paint, leather or a mixture of various tastes. But this does not mean that the higher the odor, the higher the formaldehyde concentration. Formaldehyde is characterized by low concentration, colorless and tasteless, high concentration, irritant carcinogenic gas odor. If enter indoor formaldehyde to exceed standard, can feel to have a kind of irritant gas on nose, larynx, respiratory tract, sensitive person can feel bosom frowsty, cough, these symptoms and cold symptom are very similar. So it's hard to judge whether formaldehyde is really excessive from taste and symptoms.
                  Because all kinds of wood floors and plank furniture are used for interior decoration, it's normal to smell a kind of wood, which is harmless to the body, so we don't need to panic. Finally, in addition to formaldehyde, Jinan experts tell you that there is a kind of wood in your new house that is not necessarily formaldehyde. Don't mislead his senses. If the indoor formaldehyde exceeds the standard, you must find a scientific method, test the formaldehyde government experience and professional instruments to judge, get an accurate value, and control the excessive customization of formaldehyde solution according to the situation.
                  Our Jinan formaldehyde removal company has always maintained continuous development and innovation, and try our best to sincerely provide our customers with high-quality products and the most intimate services. Achieve the goal of win-win with customers.