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                  Children always catch a cold in summer, and take medicine for a short time. Then Miss Li, who lives in Phoenix, took her daughter to the hospital two days ago for an examination. After the examination, the doctor told her that her daughter had mild formaldehyde poisoning. Miss Li was surprised. She lived in her house for nearly four years. How can there be formaldehyde? Later Miss Li learned to the experts that the release period of formaldehyde was as long as 15 years, and the release amount was the largest five years ago. Ms. Li realized how harmful formaldehyde was, but the child was hurt. It was too late to regret, but she was glad that her daughter had not had too many problems.
                  Jinan Except Formaldehyde Company Analysis: Why did the rest of Miss Li's family who lived in the house for more than four years not feel uncomfortable, but the daughter who was over two years old first appeared formaldehyde reaction? In fact, the magic trap of formaldehyde is most likely to contact three groups of people, namely pregnant women, the elderly and children with low immunity. Children are one of the main victims. Everyone's physical condition and reaction to formaldehyde are different. Ms. Li's youngest daughter is only over two years old. Her body organs and immunity are not fully developed, and she is vulnerable in all respects. She could not resist the threat of formaldehyde. Why have leukemia children increased in recent years? The most important thing is that the formaldehyde caused by indoor decoration exceeds the standard. If the symptoms of formaldehyde poisoning are not paid attention to in the early stage, these symptoms will be misdiagnosed as cold and delayed to become more serious leukemia and other serious diseases.
                  Formaldehyde poisoning should pay attention to the following symptoms:
                  1. Cough
                  Formaldehyde is absorbed by the human body will stimulate the respiratory tract, throat mucosa irritation will appear cough, pharyngitis and other symptoms, just like the symptoms of our daily cold, if there are such symptoms and cold easy to confuse.
                  2. 打喷嚏
                  2. sneezes
                  When we enter a room with excessive formaldehyde, some people will obviously keep sneezing. If people have a history of allergic rhinitis, they may relapse within minutes. Formaldehyde can also stimulate our nasal mucosa. The nasal mucosa itself is very fragile. That is to say, when stimulated, it starts the self-protection mechanism and sneezes. Sneezing is more like the first symptom of a cold.
                  Generally speaking, experts from Jinan Formalin Company say that some symptoms of formaldehyde poisoning are very similar to the cold. No wonder people can easily confuse the two concepts. If you have the above symptoms, after eliminating the cold, you should be alert to the trouble caused by formaldehyde. Once symptoms appear, you should find out the inducement as soon as possible, and do not delay the best treatment time of the disease.