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                  For many young people, the ideal life is a person, a room, two cats and two dogs. Pets used to refer only to animals that people raised for solitude or entertainment. Today, pets are defined as animals and plants raised for non-economic purposes. Pets are animals and plants raised for spiritual purposes.
                  We all know that excessive formaldehyde in human body can be harmful, but in fact, pet excessive formaldehyde environment even endangers life. If your pet has these reactions in the new room, it may be formaldehyde poisoning, fecal officials can not be ignored.
                  The cats and dogs at home are small, metabolize much faster than humans, and are one of the animals that spend the longest time in contact with floors and carpets. Become "mobile formaldehyde vacuum cleaners" on the ground, relatively speaking, they can absorb more formaldehyde than the host. Cats and dogs are also mammals. They can be restless, jump up and down, unwilling to eat, or just like to sit quietly in the corner and pass lively.
                  The newly bought green plants have turned yellow
                  Generally speaking, green plants such as green radish, cactus and bamboo can adsorb formaldehyde. Carefully, the owner will find that the newly bought ornamental green plants in the home may be in full bloom, in the new house and the old house in different florescence and lush degree. This is the most obvious manifestation of indoor formaldehyde exceeding the standard. To be honest, the flowers bloomed out overnight.
                  Fish always die for no reason
                  Soon after I moved into the new house, I was a little red-eyed and green-eyed. To be honest, put it in the tank today, and there will be no fish in the tank the next day. This is because indoor formaldehyde is easy to dissolve in water, indoor aquarium fish can escape the disaster of formaldehyde poisoning.
                  There are only dead flies in the room.
                  In rooms without formaldehyde removal, many dead insects are often seen on windows, floors and cabinets, while long-term decoration indoors are seldom seen. This is due to the small size of insects and the low tolerance of harmful gases such as formaldehyde. This is also one of the signs of excessive indoor formaldehyde.
                  Formaldehyde is like a double-edged sword, which provides great convenience for people in industry and helps people to live, clothes and food. Once formaldehyde exceeds the standard, it will bring great harm to human beings, animals and plants. Gao Jieya reminds you that once the above situations occur, you should leave the formaldehyde environment in time and take your pet to see a doctor. For indoor formaldehyde pollution, you can consult Jinan Deformaldehyde Company. Professional in addition to formaldehyde 13 years, millions of choices, 98% of customers are satisfied, health breathing experts around you.