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                  In addition to formaldehyde, the size of the company is also the main object of the owner's early measurement. So in addition to formaldehyde companies to choose large or small scale are good, its advantages and disadvantages, the following small edition with you to see.
                  The new house was handed in by a formaldehyde removal company.
                  Big companies have shortcomings
                  1. Advantages
                  (1) A large company is a brand company, which has a great popularity and certain popularity, so it is relatively guaranteed.
                  (2) Large companies have evolved from small ones, so they will use photocatalysts more strictly to remove formaldehyde, manage workers, plan and deal with problems.
                  (3) Faster problem handling and better service are the advantages of most large companies. If a large company wants to do a good job, it must be favored by more people, and the service level and attitude of problem solving must be recognized by more people.
                  (4) The after-sales service of large companies will follow up more quickly and the after-sales service will be in place.
                  2 and Disadvantages
                  (1) Big companies often offer more than 20% more than small ones. The company has large scale, many advertisements, high operating costs and high management costs.
                  (2) Home decoration made by large companies is mostly subcontracted, and the quality of the project is entirely confined to the construction of the workers, so the quality is sometimes not guaranteed.
                  (3) Large companies have a large number of designers with uneven design level. If they meet bad designers, they will inevitably lead to unsatisfactory design results.
                  2. 小公司的优势和劣势
                  2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Small Companies
                  1. Advantages
                  (1) As a small company, although the scale is small, the site work is well done, and the planners are also responsible. They usually do not do many sites, but each site should do their best.
                  (2) Small companies are rarely subcontracted, with special personnel to track the site. Information is provided by professionals. The site project is regarded as a system, the site is operated as a project, and the comprehensive site management personnel are handed over to you as a project.
                  (3) The planning of many small companies is personalized, and the decoration price will be much lower, which can save a lot of decoration budget.
                  2. Defects
                  (1) The quotations of some small companies are extraordinarily low. Any project is capital and the price is lower than capital. It is likely to be fraud.
                  (2) In the process of small corporate governance, there may be additions, additions, non-standard construction and so on.