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                  In winter, due to heating, formaldehyde release speed is accelerated, formaldehyde release cycle is long, and it is not easy to volatilize. Formaldehyde removal is a long-term and complex project. The indoor odor of the new decoration, the indoor decoration for about 3 years also slightly excessive formaldehyde. For the harm of formaldehyde exceeding the standard, people talk about the color change of formaldehyde. We have been exploring better formaldehyde detection and treatment, methods of removing formaldehyde, and sharing the knowledge of removing formaldehyde in the new house and office.
                  Generally, the last link of wall decoration with paint coating and wallpaper, according to personal love, chooses different decoration styles, resists poor paint coating and wallpaper, and even does not have luster. It not only wastes decoration cost, destroys overall decoration effect, but also causes indoor decoration air pollution and formaldehyde exceeding standards. First of all, understand the characteristics of indoor air pollution caused by these decoration pollution sources and the tips of choosing high-quality decorative materials.
                  1. 涂料:内墙涂料分为水性涂料和树脂乳液涂料。内墙涂料以装饰和环保为主。由于劣质内墙涂料释放有毒气体,污染环境的甲醛超标危害人体健康。因此,内墙涂料的环保要求往往高于外墙涂料。
                  1. coatings: the interior wall coatings are divided into waterborne coatings and resin emulsion coatings. Interior wall coating is mainly for decoration and environmental protection. Because of the toxic gas released from the inferior interior wall coating, the formaldehyde pollution of the environment is harmful to human health. Therefore, the environmental protection requirements of interior wall coating are often higher than that of exterior wall coating.
                  2. 油漆:油漆分为水性漆和油性漆。油漆的作用是保护和装饰。劣质油漆光泽不均,易发黄变脆,裂纹剥落,不仅造成高档板材村的浪费,而且破坏整体装修效果。优质的油漆不仅能弥补早期装修的缺陷,而且能提高整体装修的品位和档次。在达到保护效果的同时,还具有良好的装饰效果,使涂面产生“丰富多彩”的装饰效果,大大美化了我们的生活。
                  2. Paint: the paint is divided into water-based paint and oil-based paint. The function of paint is to protect and decorate. Poor paint has uneven luster, is prone to yellowing and brittle, cracks and peeling off, which not only causes waste of high-grade plate village, but also damages the overall decoration effect. High quality paint can not only make up for the defects of early decoration, but also improve the grade and grade of overall decoration. In addition to the protection effect, it also has a good decorative effect, making the painted surface produce a "colorful" decorative effect, greatly beautifying our life.
                  Generally, water-based emulsion paint is more environmentally friendly and releases less pollutants. Open the package, smell whether the smell is strong and pungent, and avoid the coating with fragrance. You can do an experiment in one place to see the transparency and color difference.
                  Wallpaper: wallpaper, also known as wallpaper, because wallpaper has a variety of colors, rich patterns, luxury style, making it a very widely used interior decoration materials. There are many kinds of wallpaper: wallpaper, resin wallpaper, paper wallpaper, wood fiber wallpaper. Applicable to: living room, commercial space, office building, KTV, coffee shop, bar, etc.
                  With the continuous improvement of our requirements for leisure, comfort and environmental protection decoration, green and environmental protection products are gradually accepted by people. Use wallpaper or paint on a large area of the room. Installation and decoration materials contain certain pollutants, and a large number of inferior glue are added for construction (formaldehyde and other components must be added to the glue in industrial production), including pollution, such as furniture and floor, and the superposition effect makes indoor formaldehyde exceed the standard, so it is necessary to find a professional formaldehyde removal company. When decorate, should not decorate the gorgeous, the large area uses decorates the material, uses the colorful color to match.