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                来源:澳门新葡新京    添加日期:2019-09-11 17:13:03    浏览次数:
                  When everyone decorates a new house with a great odor, sometimes even unbearable, they all know the harmfulness of formaldehyde after decoration. So they can find out how to remove formaldehyde after decoration. They also have to ask Xiaobian a green home to enter. However, after ventilation for a period of time, they find that there is no formaldehyde in the taste. So I feel at ease.
                  但是想知道甲醛超过4 - 8次了下面的味道可以的情况下,也就是说,在这种情况下,不能闻,仍有超过3次以上的可能性,所以一般人将异味和甲醛都将是非常错误的。这让我们觉得家极易误以为没有甲醛,于是放松警惕,觉得没有必要治理。当我们再次闻到甲醛的异味时,我们可能已经在甲醛超标的环境中生活了很长一段时间,甚至为时已晚。
                  But to know if formaldehyde can taste more than 4 - 8 times, that is to say, in this case, can not smell, there is still more than 3 times the possibility, so ordinary people will smell and formaldehyde will be very wrong. This makes us feel that it is very easy to mistake home for no formaldehyde, so we relax our vigilance and feel that there is no need for governance. When we smell formaldehyde again, we may have been living in an environment where formaldehyde exceeds the standard for a long time, even too late.
                  So, almost all of the houses are newly decorated with formaldehyde exceeding the standard. We can't determine whether formaldehyde has problems or what is used to detect formaldehyde. We want to know if formaldehyde is available at home or in the office, or find a professional CMA test that can accelerate the volatilization of formaldehyde in summer, and often close the door. The window opens the air conditioner in the home, which is not conducive to the emission of formaldehyde, resulting in deposition in the home, and the invisible damage increases.
                  Because formaldehyde is slightly heavier than air, it will deposit under the air, so if we do not pay attention to it, children may also suffer from serious diseases caused by formaldehyde: children may cause hematological diseases or even become acute lymphocytic leukemia; or increase the incidence of asthma, formaldehyde concentration may cause children cough and other symptoms, increase breathing. The possibility of infection; it can also make children less intelligent. It can be seen that formaldehyde is very harmful to children, and children are the key protection objects of formaldehyde prevention and control in our peacetime.
                  Formaldehyde and formaldehyde are harmful to people's lives, but it is not without its prevention and cure methods. Professional and reliable professional companies, except formaldehyde, just need our attention together. Learning formaldehyde, don't be treated online by so-called partial prescriptions. They don't easily feel that there is no formaldehyde at home. They all speak with facts and data. Only in this way can they be protected. Certificate family is not interfered by formaldehyde, living a happy life in the environment.
                Above is all that we are talking about today. Do you have a new understanding of formaldehyde removal? If you have good ideas and suggestions, you can log on the official website of Jinan formaldehyde removal company for knowledge exchange.