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                  Home is a beautiful and warm word, regardless of the wind and rain outside, hard and bitter, at least you have a home behind you, so the safety and environmental protection of the room is particularly important.
                  When home decoration, we must strictly select materials according to relevant standards, especially pay attention to the radioactive detection of stone tiles, environmental protection indicators of paint materials, formaldehyde content test of wood panels, so as to control the pollution of home decoration from the source.
                  Choose safe and environmentally friendly furniture and household appliances
                  Furniture and household appliances are essential for household decoration. Now the wood on the market is generally density board, large core board, etc., because the artificial floor is pasted by various materials, so when you make your own furniture, you must not choose such synthetic board, the formaldehyde content is high, do not recommend buying.
                  Don't forget formaldehyde after a long stay
                  Many people equate formaldehyde with decoration, and think that only new decoration will cause formaldehyde to exceed the standard and other hazards.
                  In fact, even after years of decoration, decoration legacies, new purchases of household goods and even clothing may lead to an increase in formaldehyde content in the home. To remove formaldehyde and odor from newly decorated houses, the first thing to do is to open windows and ventilate. Ventilation dilutes and discharges formaldehyde outdoors through air convection. Although this step is simple, we should also pay attention to the weather conditions. Once it is windy and rainy, we must close the doors and windows in time to avoid indoor dampness.
                  Scientific Control of Formaldehyde Pollution
                  Since its establishment, it has provided indoor air detection and management services for more than 4500 enterprises and more than 36000 households in the country, including the G20 summit in Hangzhou, landmark buildings along the belt, Dunhuang Museum, Ningxia Yinchuan China Arabia National Fair, Wuzhen World Internet Conference, and world industrial design. The Congress and other major national engineering projects.
                  Rational Use of Air Freshener
                  The treatment principle of air freshener is to use chemical reaction to consume and decompose harmful substances, so in the process of decomposition, new compounds may appear and form secondary pollution. It is recommended not to use air fresheners in bedrooms, kitchens, etc. In addition, families with pregnant women and children are not recommended to use air fresheners to control formaldehyde pollution.
                  Because of the long release period of harmful substances, indoor pollution control is a arduous and long task. If the hidden danger of pollution exceeding the standard is found, measures should be taken in time to deal with it.